Wilson Family Homestead

Wilson Family Homestead

303 McNamee Road

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Description: The Wilson Family Homestead is a one and a half storey Classic Revival residence constructed circa 1878. It is situated on the north side of the McNamee Road near the Holt Road junction in the Rural Community of Upper Miramichi.

Heritage Value: The Wilson Family Homestead is designated a Local Historic Place for its associative historical significance within the community. The residence was the second Wilson home built on this land granted to the Wilson Family in 1809. The current home was constructed about 1878 for John R. Wilson and many additions were subsequently made with the ensuing generations, business and trade venture.

This residence is historically valued while the residence of Willard and Sadie (Carroll) Wilson. This residence operated as the McNamee post office for three decades. The Wilson's also conducted a general store from here. The rail-line passed through this property and a railway siding was conveniently situated near the rivers edge at this location for local rail business. The first telephone n the area was located here and this place became a local hub within the community. Willard ventured into the sport fishing business in 1928 as the result of an initial invitation of American sportsmen or Sports through his daughter, Marie, who was nursing on a staff at a medical institution there. Marie saw a business opportunity for her family's property, and thus began a four generation family business in the sport of salmon guiding and outfitting. The Home Pool, also known as Landing Pool, fronting this place on the Southwest Miramichi River, became a favourite fishing hole for returning sports, including one annual fisher of 52 years. Much of the success of "Wilson's Fishing Camps" was not only due to the abundance of Atlantic Miramichi Salmon but also for the colourful hospitality that was to be found within the family run business.

Of architectural interest, during Willard's residency in this place, the façade was removed and an addition was made to the front of the home, followed by the facade's re-installation. This addition and other subsequent additions were required for the cooking and eating area for the sports fisherman, who took slumber in the small cabins located nearby. Family business operations were moved from here in 2003, although the business name is still locally operating.

Source: Rural Community of Upper Miramichi, Site File #09-16

Character-defining Elements:  The character-defining elements relating to the Classic Revival elements of the Wilson Family Homestead included:

  • rectangular massing and plank construction of original 1878 home;
  • balanced windows with entablatures;
  • later front addition to home in keeping with original style and massing;
  • later addition of side shed dormer;
  • eaves and returns;
  • brackets and eave ends.

The character-defining elements relating to the later addition utilitarian 1 1/2 storey storefront include:

  • detached one and a half storey utilitarian form and massing;
  • enclosed porch on the storefront façade building allowing access to residence;
  • original office and store shelving and memorabilia related to general store business.



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