W.A. Campbell Store

WA Campbells Store

W.A. Campbell Store

6152 Route 8

PID# 40089427

Description: The W.A. Campbell Store is a two and a half storey Commercial storefront and is a vernacular interpretation of Classic Revival architecture. It was constructed circa 1870 by Scott Fairley and is situated within the business district in the Boiestown region of the Rural Community of Upper Miramichi.

Heritage Value:  The W.A. Campbell Store is designated a Local Historic Place for its association with the Campbell Family who resided and did business here for five decades. This place was constructed by lumberman Scott Fairley circa 1870. In 1897 this place was purchased from J. Fairley by recently widowed Mrs. Margaret Campbell. Campbell and her children moved from their former site in the community and re-established themselves here and carried on the established merchant business trade and post office of her deceased husband, John Campbell. The business was carried on under their son's name, W.A. Campbell, who also operated a telegraph and telephone office with his sisters Margaret and Blanche. Following W.A.'s death in 1917 his sisters continued business here. Margaret Campbell was Postmistress here until 1947. Also of significance was W.A. Campbell's widow, nurse Eliza Campbell, who continued to reside here with her sisters in law and performed limited medical procedures here with injured lumberman in the absence of the local doctor.

Source:  Rural Community of Upper Miramichi, Site File #09-05

Character-defining Elements:  The character-defining elements relating to he Classical Revival architecture of the W.A. Campbell Store include:

  • medium pitched gable roof;
  • open veranda extending the full length of the front façade and supported by newel posts and ornate brackets;
  • balanced window placement of rectangular 2/2 windows;
  • wide eaves and returns.

The character-defining elements relating to the location of W.A. Campbell's store include:
its proximity to the road.




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